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This system is the property of New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC) and is intended only for the use of authorized employees and authorized agents of NYCHHC. All information accessed through the use of this system is the property of NYCHHC.

Any unauthorized access or use of this system is strictly prohibited. Access or use beyond specified and authorized actions without specific prior authorization from NYCHHC, is strictly prohibited. Any use of this system without proper authorization is deemed an intrusion and may be subject to criminal prosecution, fine and/or imprisonment.

Access to confidential data is granted only with proper authorization and prior approval. NYCHHC prohibits storing data on accessing devices without system password protection and data encryption enabled. The user is required to verify that all stored NYCHHC confidential or business data is destroyed before hardware/media is discarded, transferred to another individual or relinquished for repair. The individual, in order to protect the data retrieved by remote systems from theft and from access by unauthorized individuals, must undertake precautions to protect all NYCHHC data according to the standards set forth by NYCHHC. Users must strictly adhere to all state and federal regulations regarding patient information. This includes, but is not limited to, final and proposed regulations promulgated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and any subsequent amendments thereof.

Authorized users accessing this system must install and enable appropriate and current anti-virus software protection on the accessing system. Users will be held personally responsible for any viruses transmitted to NYCHHC as the result of insufficient precautions. System usage is monitored in accordance with NYCHHC corporate policy and persons found accessing the system without appropriate anti-virus software are subject to disciplinary action.

By agreeing to the NYCHHC Usage Policy for Web-Based GroupWise Access System, the user acknowledges proper authorization to use the system and the data accessed. The user also acknowledges they have installed and applied all reasonable anti-virus protection to the accessing system.

Users of NYCHHC systems should have no expectation of privacy while accessing NYCHHC equipment. Use of this system constitutes consent to the above conditions of use.

If you are having difficulties accessing GroupWise WebAccess,

contact the Enterprise Service Desk at 877-WE-IT-HHC (877-934-8442).

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